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Would you believe me if I told you that I can straighten out your teeth with invisible braces to? You can say goodbye to traditional braces. These look ugly and unappealing to some of us and for those, we have clear aligners. Clear aligners or invisible braces substitute traditional metal or ceramic braces. These use a gradual force to bring about tooth movement. But did you know? It is done without the use of wires or brackets like conventional braces.

What are clear aligners (invisible braces) made of?

The aligners are basically a strong plastic material. They are transparent and snugly fit into your mouth. These are easy to use and are literally invisible. The dentist would clinically examine the patient. We record the teeth alignment and tale full-mouth X-rays and facial and intraoral photographs. We digitally scan the teeth to record details to make 3D models. This helps us to decide the number of aligners needed to correct the malocclusion. Initially, we give a set of aligners. Each aligner moves the teeth in increments until the desired movement is achieved.Wear each aligner for two weeks before you move onto the next one. In addition, a number of tooth ‘attachments’ which appear as small white bumps ia placed on the teeth. They help the aligners to grip properly and shift the teeth gradually into position. In conclusion, you need to also understand that not every case can be treated by clear aligners. Depending on the complexity of the case and the amount of correction required, aligners will be recommended. If major corrections are required, the use of aligners alone is not sufficient to achieve the desired result.

How long will I need to wear clear aligners(invisible braces)?

Firstly, wear each aligner for at least 20-22 hours a day for maximum effectiveness. Secondly, each set of aligners is worn for three weeks before you go onto the next one. The length of treatment with aligners depends upon the severity of each case. Aligner treatment time is variable ranging from as short to three weeks or as long as six months. Aligners offer a much shorter treatment than traditional braces.

What are the advantages of orthodontic treatment with clear aligners?

  • Esthetic
  • Clear aligners are removable.Therefore, it is easier to maintain oral hygiene
  • Very comfortable and less likely to irritate your gums and cheeks
  • Clear aligners can prevent tooth wear from grinding

What are the disadvantages with clear aligners?

  • We can not do major corrections with clear aligners
  • The success of the treatment heavily relies on the patient compliance. If you fail to wear them regularly, treatment will be delayed by weeks.
  • Few foods and spices can stain and discolor the aligners.
  • The buttons or tooth attachments on the teeth put by the dentist can sometimes bother the patient.
  • It is expensive.

The orthodontist monitors and supervises the entire treatment.Clear aligners easily correct mild spacing, dental irregularity and mild crowding. To know if you can get your teeth straightened invisibly, book an appointment with us today

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