Orthodontics is a specialized branch of dentistry that is concerned with diagnosing, treating and preventing malocclusions (bad bites) and other irregularities in the jaw region and face. Orthodontists are specially trained to correct these problems and to restore health, functionality and a beautiful aesthetic appearance to the smile. Though orthodontics was originally aimed at treating children and teenagers, almost one third of orthodontic patients are now adults. A person of any age can be successfully treated by an orthodontist. Orthodontics can help you have the healthy, straight, beautiful smile you’ve been waiting for!

What are the main types of orthodontic braces?

Metal and Ceramic braces –Traditional braces are generally metal but are also available in a clear synthetic material and “tooth colored” ceramic. The ceramic brackets are generally more comfortable than the metal alternative, but can become discolored by coffee, wine, smoking and certain foods.

Metal and ceramic braces can be conventional or self ligating. The self ligating braces are more comfortable, less visible and quicker compared to the conventional braces.

Invisible Braces – Clear aligners are favored by many adults because they are both removable and invisible to onlookers. These are clear trays, and should be worn for the recommended amount of time each day for the quickest results. They are more comfortable and less obtrusive than traditional braces, but also tend to be more costly. However, not all patients are candidates for invisible braces.

Lingual braces – These appliances are usually metal and fixed on the tongue side of the teeth, therefore are not seen when a patient smiles. Lingual braces tend to be moderately expensive and in some cases, can interfere with normal speech.

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