Prevention is always better than cure and as a parent, we know you would rather prevent a dental problem for your children than treat one. We offer several types of treatment designed to keep your children’s teeth and gums healthy and disease-free. These include fluoride treatments, space maintainers, diet counseling, oral care counseling, pit and fissure sealants, dental cleanings, etc.

But despite taking good care, does your child still have that black brown spot on his/her teeth that? These black hideous ugly cavities can hamper with the normal healthy development of a child. Bacteria in the presence of sweetened food, create havoc by producing an acid which dissolves the tooth and causes tooth decay. Dental fillings, pulpectomy, crowns are done by a pediatric dental surgeon to treat the tooth decay. Whatever be the dental issue, our team would find you a solution!

It is a common misconception that milk teeth don’t need dental attention as they are meant to fall off and give way to permanent teeth. Milk teeth are natural space maintainers, which are vital to a child’s oral maturation. They are essential in developing the child’s occlusion, for chewing, and for speech development. If infected before their time of exfoliations, milk teeth can cause a lot of damage.

Why Us?

With various behavior guidance techniques in place, we ensure stress-free visits for both the child and the parent.

We carefully assess the child’s cooperation level on that day. We incorporate creative solutions like storytelling to engage the child. It is as important to us as it is to you that your child’s dental experiences are relaxing and enjoyable

Strict infection control and sterilization protocols

Comfortable ambience with a kid specific room


Our Pediatric Dentists administer a teeth cleaning procedure using fluoride gel. They recommend a child get this treatment every 3-6 months. Fluoride increases the inherent strength of the enamel of the tooth decreasing the chances of decay.

Additionally, using pit and fissure sealants in the deep grooves of teeth (which act as an enlodgement site for bacteria and food) prevent the formation of cavities, and dental decay. This is a simple 10 minute procedure which, if done regularly, greatly fortifies your child’s dental foundation.

Part of our preventive process is education on at-home dental practices. We educate both the child and the parents regarding proper brushing techniques based on the age of the child. Our specialists also offer diet modification counseling to ensure that foods injurious to dental health are eliminated.


Rectifying habits like thumb sucking and mouth breathing at an early stage can prevent crooked teeth, and subsequently eliminate the need for braces altogether. We recognize conditions like sleep apnea which are the root cause of habits such as mouth breathing. While mouth breathing may not seem like a critical problem, it actually affects a child’s sleep pattern, the regulation of oxygen in their system as well as their concentration level in school. Counseling the parents about such habits is a part of our pre-orthodontic approach to ensure healthier smiles for children.


Children are fairly active by nature, which sometimes causes them to have minor accidents. Fracturing of the front teeth, permanent tooth fall out or even chipping off of teeth can be traumatic experiences for children. Our pediatric dentists are well equipped to promptly deal with such situations. We aim to either place the fallen tooth back into the jaw, or build the bone structure in a seamless manner, so that the child is never conscious of the lost tooth.


We have an esteemed panel of highly trained orthodontists who provide fixed, semi-fixed and removable orthodontic care for children of all age groups, starting as early as 4 years of age for the correction of non-aligned teeth. A lot of parents reserve orthodontic care for their children till their permanent teeth erupt. We however, believe that we can straighten crooked teeth at all age groups for our young patients.

At the end of the day, we’re all aware of the significance of oral healthcare. Dental complications can severely impact a child’s physical, mental and psychological well-being.

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