Missing teeth can be replaced with a myriad of dental treatment options like :

Removable partial denture

These as the name suggests are removable and need to be removed every night before going to bed. Teeth are attached to resin bases which can be fitted inside the mouth. Chewing efficacy with removable partial dentures are less compared to fixed treatment options.

Fixed partial denture

These are, what we refer to as crown and bridge. The adjacent teeth next to the missing teeth serve as the ‘pillars’ and are prepared to receive the ‘bridge’. Endodontic treatment of the adjacent healthy teeth might also be required many a times. These can be fabricated in porcelain fused to metal or zirconia crowns.


Implants can replace a single missing tooth, multiple missing teeth or as implant supported dentures.

Complete Denture

This is a treatment modality for replacement of all the missing teeth in patients with no teeth. Process of fabricating a denture usually involves 3-4 appointments where impressions are taken and accurate recordings made of the jaws. The complete denture bases are generally resins, which are colour matched with the soft tissues and teeth arranged in a manner comfortable for you to eat, smile and speak.